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Hi. My name is Alex. I live in Arizona. I am 24 years old. I am an actress. I am an animal lover. I am a gamer. I am hilarious. I am a lesbian. I am taken. I am the future. Get to know me.

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WARNING: I am an extreme homosexual.
Girls; Cats; Vintage; War history; Serial killer facts; Crime investigation shows; Zombies; Nostalgia; 90's Nickelodeon; Video games; XBox 360; Call of Duty; First person shooters; Acting; Horror movies; Stephen King novels; Theatre; New York; Meg Ryan movies; The Office; Parks and Recreation; Pretty Little Liars; Amber Heard; Skins; Lily Loveless; Kathryn Prescott; Naomily; LOST; Evangeline Lilly; Maggie Grace; Elizabeth Mitchell; True Blood; Taylor Swift; Kate Nash; Ellie Goulding; Colbie Caillat; Katy Perry; Ke$ha; Regina Spektor; Kelly Clarkson; Paramore; A Fine Frenzy; Florence + The Machine; Spice Girls; Coldplay; Death Cab For Cutie; 90's; British People; Harry Potter; Luna Lovegood; Bellatrix Lestrange; Broadway; Wicked; Kristin Chenoweth; Idina Menzel; Zooey Deschanel; Kate Winslet; Meryl Streep; Kristen Stewart; Taylor Lautner; Emma Stone; Evan Rachel Wood; Jennifer Lawrence
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Reward whoever made this


Reward whoever made this

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together at last

omg why am i cracking up

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Kristen and her pup Cole 

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"It’s a good thing your mom isn’t here."

"Why? Mom likes protesting?"

"What? No, she loves chanting."

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lmao omg what

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